two decades ago, the icon that has become blu_line, was forged by two brothers. 

the oldest of the two was a computer programmer whilst the younger brother, still finishing school, envisioned a brand that would continually push the boundaries in the kitchen industry and eventually compete on an international level.  starting with only a unique concept of a kitchen, they would not let anything distract from their vision. today, they believe that their young age played to their advantage, being fearless and not seeing any limits.

"we didn’t know what couldn’t be done so we did it anyway." says graham richards, managing director of blu_line.

continually testing new materials and textures, as well as adopting and embracing technology every step of the way, while keeping to the vision no matter what the obstacle, is what led the way to what has ultimately become the iconic blu_line brand. 

the vision has been to look at the kitchen differently, where the kitchen is seen as modern furniture, anchoring the architectural interior while serving the functional demands of the modern home. with this, blu_line have envisaged a unique experience for every person using this space and carrying this experience through. it is this outlook and philosophy that drives the company and continually pushes the brand to discover more, risk more and create unique experiences for their niche clientele. creating products for the kitchen first and then the whole home has been the passion for nearly two decades, ensuring everything considered is grounded in touch materials and architectural form, with in-house proprietary technologies enhancing the overall dynamic experience.