details matter

specialising in kitchen architecture, blu_line offers locally designed and manufactured bespoke kitchens for a niche clientele. over nearly two decades, the company has made it a priority to focus on the details, bringing uncompromised functionality to the living space while incorporating a rich array of textures as well as a captivating display of levels in every kitchen. the attention to detail coupled with a vast selection of blu_line finishes lends oneself to a journey of discovery. to discover your story at blu_line is to unveil the beauty of textures, levels and design that not only tell of who you are but also enhance the way that you will experience and live in your new space. blu_line takes great pride in not only bringing clients the latest in textures, materials and functionality but also in seamlessly bringing these elements together. ensuring that they are used in a way that enhances the space, reveals exquisite character and essentially tells a story that corresponds with every client.

marked divisions

with three sophisticated collections to choose from, each offering a subtle sense of direction, clients are able to fully explore and establish their own look and feel without restriction. blu_line’s diverse internal ranges furnish the ability to select and tweak each design in order to meet both the needs and price points of each exclusive client, while continuing to bring the ultimate in both functionality and aesthetics to every kitchen. servicing both the select private market as well as the high-end contracts market, blu_line offers the ultimate interpretation of the space.

private division draws on the most authentic, lavish and sought after materials the international market has to offer. focusing on grand designs, these kitchens leave a mark and subsequently become a part of the integrated architecture of the home as they draw on various decor and design aspects.

contracts division continues to offer the ultimate design interpretation of each space, with product features focusing on a variety of unrivalled essentials, thereby ensuring that the desired price point is met. as with any blu_line kitchen, various textures, colours and levels merge to create a symphony of sorts which accentuate and compliment the contract range as a whole.

getting personal

moving away from the kitchen, our exclusive wardrobe collection ensures that the essence of blu_line is followed through to the remainder of the home. various internal options serve the functional needs while our elite finishes ensure that a distinctive blu_line ambience permeates the entirety of the home. our open wardrobe system features bespoke lighting and exclusive detailing, offering a variety of practical solutions which meet the demands made by every day life. our closed system comes in either a solid door finish or in a customised reflective, bronze or smoked glass, bringing a touch of elegance to the home. finally, the dramatic doors on the sliding system offer a functional and appreciable storage solution for all spaces.