winter warmth in the kitchen

We’ve had another little taste of winter spread over parts of our beautiful country this week, even if it was for but a fleeting moment. While most prefer to be sporting our summer wardrobes and spending our days beside the pool, there is much to be said for the beauty that a South African winter brings. We may not always see the crisp white snow that so elegantly and effortlessly covers many other geographical plains in winter but, the muted orange leaves and golden fields paired with some lazy winter sunshine mean that we get to experience the beauty of ‘fall’ all winter long.

modern kitchens

Home decor so often plays on these gorgeous winter colours, bringing traces of both depth and warmth to a space. Whether it comes from sophisticated textures or muted colours, a blu_line kitchen will always incorporate an element of warmth. This is something that can really be accentuated and brought out with colours and textures of the gorgeous winter decor that is available year in and year out.

We recently spoke about metal in the kitchen which has been a huge element in decor as well. We’ve seen coppers and brass make an impressive comeback as well as various steels, including the rusted kind. On it’s own, it might seem like a rather odd feature to include in ones home but tweaked to the right colour, used in the right place and paired with complimenting components, metal can bring a tremendous amount of warmth to an otherwise glacial space.

modern kitchens

The warmth of winter can be brought in through texture as we look at various wooden pieces, wicker items and rustic, earthy objects too. Somehow, these elements all seem to incorporate both a boldness and a sense of finesse that oozes warmth and softens a space at the same time. The rustic feel of items such as these bring an authenticity to the space that makes it incredibly inviting.

Lastly, lighting is an integral part of setting the mood in any home and something that is going to directly impact the colour and warmth of your space. Layers of light are key to effective illumination and it is this simple rule that is going to help you subtly create the atmosphere that your home needs to feel warm. The architecture of a blu_line kitchen will incorporate many various opportunities for lighting, offering a simple solution to one of the most effective mood setting tools.

modern kitchens

As always it is important to remember that less is more, simplicity is key and overcrowding a space is going to make it feel busy rather than warm.