warm touch materials

A good story evokes emotion, explores intricate details and leaves one longing for just a little bit more. To discover your story at blu_line is to unveil the beauty of textures, levels and design that not only tell of who you are but also enhance the way that you will experience and live in your new space. To discover your story is to fully express and ultimately to enjoy the result of your own creativity.

Modern Kitchens

With so much variety, it’s easy to see how each and every blu_line kitchen is customised to the liking of each and every blu_line client. While levels and design are hugely significant, textures are the flavour of the month and something that has always been a big focus in every blu_line kitchen.

Because textures offer both visual and tactile stimulation, they bring an enormous amount of character and interest to a space. Some have said that to touch is to create memories and we wanted to bring this experience of warmth as well as a sense of personality into our kitchens - that is how warm touch materials have made their way into so many homes.

Flamed granite is often used as an accent counter or as backsplashes in our kitchens. This gorgeous material is the same granite we all know but, rather than polished, it has been exposed to extremely high temperatures, causing the individual grains in the stone to burst and then change colour. The result is a slightly rough texture of stone, but with a more natural appearance. Generally, the colors of flamed granite are muted or graded, giving it an earthy but elegant feel and bringing a perfect bit of sophisticated texture to a modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchens

Textured timber veneer is another common material used in blu_line designs. This beautiful product brings a graceful but fresh sense of warmth to our spaces. Most frequently used as cabinet doors and wall cladding, the various finishes we offer contrast beautifully with the many other materials it is paired with. The subtleness of this textured product makes it both striking and elegant at the same time bringing a unique atmosphere to our spaces.

Modern Kitchens

In a blu_line kitchen various textures, colours and levels merge to create a symphony of sorts and it’s materials like these that really accentuate and compliment our designs as a whole. It’s materials like these and the character of each one that ‘speak’ to our clients and inevitably take them on their own journey of discovery.