the art of homemade

The joy in designing kitchens is in designing a space where people gather. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, food is so much more than just fuel, food is memories, relationships, celebrations and more. Memories made in the kitchen will last a lifetime and will carry through from one generation to the next. There is a relational aspect to sharing a meal that makes it very different to many other daily tasks.

authentic kitchens

The authenticity of homemade food is difficult to replicate and the art of making said food is one that can quickly become a passion. No matter who you are or what your profession is, no matter your background or your future, anyone can cook, anyone can create and anyone can turn a mundane task into an art. 

There is a sense of goodness that comes with using whole, fresh ingredients that cannot be sourced elsewhere and seeing those ingredients come together to form something amazing that was not there before is nothing short of sensational. 

authentic kitchens

A blu_line kitchen is built not just to accommodate the mundane task of cooking but rather to inspire the celebration of people and food, to inspire moments, to create memories in every day life and to build relationships. Food is such a big part of this and a wonderful expression of life in the home. To discover your story in a blu_line kitchen is to discover the beauty and the art of everything that encompasses it. 

Once you have experienced the magnificence of homemade, there really is no going back. 

authentic kitchens

As a word of caution and from experience, creating food from scratch, using wholesome and fresh ingredients may change things forever. One cannot compare a homemade pasta to that bought in the store, fresh sauces cannot come close to something that holds any sort of shelf life. Once you have tasted the goodness in a home creation, nothing can or will come close.