relational kitchen design

We live in a society that is overwhelmed with information, anxious about nearly everything and overall stressed due to the reality of the driven environments we all find ourselves in.

With that said, we are not about to prescribe that a well-designed kitchen environment will eradicate the above mentioned realities, as they go far deeper than the environment we live in, but there is something to be said about living and performing functions in a space that is ordered, functional and ultimately relational. Relational living is a philosophy we have enjoyed working with over the years as it prescribes that a space must be designed in a way, where the experience of each person – performing a task or not – is enhanced and not hindered.

luxury kitchen design

As with life, we daily face decisions that will either enhance a persons’ self-image, lifestyle or current reality or hinder them; this philosophy therefore states that there is way to design a kitchen where people are able to have positive, healthy experiences that foster calm, constructive interactions where various tasks can be performed at the same time and completed within the same environment.

With meaning-full social interaction diminishing, we are demanding spaces that enable true human fellowship and zone planning within the kitchen is therefore a critical part of this as zones allow the end users; not just user, as there is never just one anymore; to operate in an environment that meets the high demands required of it, demands that are not just cooking related but socially and work related too.