organisation in the modern kitchen

We often speak of how the kitchen is the hub of the home, a place where people gather and families share. Much of our home life is spent in the kitchen, so it stands to reason that if your kitchen were more organised, much of your home would feel the same. 

A big part of functionality at blu_line is order. We are passionate about creating spaces that unveil beauty, functionality and order simultaneously. While the structure of your kitchen will create a great basis for organisation, there are a couple of points that will make life in your kitchen that much easier. 

clear the counters

Clutter creates chaos, not only in your kitchen, but in your head as well. Psychology shows that clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren't necessary or important. Clear your counters from all unnecessary appliances, paper piles and decor. Appliance cupboards are great for easy access to your appliances and plugs. 

Keep the office where it belongs by implementing a zero tolerance rule when it comes to paper piles on your kitchen counters. Rather set a space aside, such as a draw or place an tray inside a cupboard should the kitchen be the best place for documents that need to be tended to. Clear this space regularly to prevent a build up of clutter. 

internal charging units & plugs

Modern day technology means that we have all got a great number of devices to charge. With the kitchen being the centre of the home, our kitchen counters often become the charging station. Create a charging unit inside an easily accessible draw or cupboard to keep the anarchy of wires at bay. 

pull outs & draw dividers 

Each blu_line kitchen comes with sophisticated internal pull-outs making grocery storage and organisation that much easier. By making use of pull outs your groceries are more visible and easily accessible. Declutter your grocery pull-out by getting rid of messy packaging and transferring your opened consumables to glass containers. This will not only improve the handling aspect of your groceries but will retain freshness as well.  

In a similar fashion, draw dividers which also come standard with every blu_line kitchen, ensure that each item has it’s own space. Draw dividers put an end to towering pots and lids by creating a flat bed with distinct spaces making items more easily accessible and less cluttered.

internal drawers

Internal drawers really give us a chance to maximise storage space without adding unnecessary shapes and lines to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Generally used for cutlery and spice drawers, internal draws can provide a great space for charging stations, odds and ends storage and even for placing those must have documents / note pads in an unobtrusive place.