Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

A new year brings a host of new ideas, a new sense of energy and needless to say, a new set of trends.

Being at the front line of these trends has been a long standing priority at blu_line, but this year has been exceptionally exciting as we have seen some of our own, well established design features slowly filtrating the platform of trends.

From the beginning, functionality has been key to each and every blu_line kitchen design. A functional space is a contented space and this year we are seeing the design focus on many products shift from primarily form to valuably function. It is exciting to see that a good product is no longer predominantly about it’s visual appeal but equally about how it works, how it enhances our experience and how it positively affects our day to day living. Our team continues to bring this through in new and relevant ways as we continue to build our designs around our client’s needs, around the way they live and in a manner that best serves their family as a unit. At blu_line, functionality has and always will come standard.

Modern Kitchens

Detail is an exciting component entering the world of trends at the moment. We see detail bring an element of luxury to many niche brands, blu_line included. The wonderful thing about detail is that it serves a dual purpose, often affecting both form and function. A well thought out kitchen goes beyond the basic structure and spills over into elements such as inlays and internals, material density, fine tuning when it comes to pairing colours and taking great care in successfully incorporating a multitude of textures.  The finest details often bring the greatest amount of character to a space and it is for this reason that the details matter. 

Modern Kitchens

Another design trend that we see emerging this year, one that is largely affected by both functionality and detail, is the trend of experience.

One of our chief desires when designing our new showroom was that our clients would be able to fully experience our products. We hoped to create a space where one could take it all in by seeing, touching, feeling and fully encountering a unique and properly thought out space which would eventually lead them to discover their own story.

To discover your story at blu_line is to unveil the beauty of textures, levels and design that not only tell of who you are but also enhance the way that you will experience and live in your new space. To discover your story is to fully express and ultimately to enjoy the result of your own creativity. It is an experience that never ends.

Modern Kitchens

Trends come and go a lot faster than we would like, but with trends like these, trends that positively affect the way we work, live and experience life, trends that bring an element of authenticity to our days, we see these serving a good amount of time.