modern kitchen tips

Everybody loves a beautiful kitchen. But, with the amount of living that goes on in there, how does one keep it that way? We’ve put a list of simple but highly effective kitchen living tips together:

1. Create space. make sure that everything in your kitchen, every dish, every appliance and every nicknack has a place where it can be packed away. If there is no space, do you really need it? By minimizing what we have and keeping only what we use, we reduce clutter which ultimately reduces the amount of cleaning up one needs to involve themselves in. Each and every blu_line kitchen is designed with this in mind, making sure that every item has a designated space for ultimate functionality. 

2. Go digital: The days of bulky cookbooks and post-its on the fridge are behind us. Remove clutter by replacing messy calendars, notepads and books with a tablet. This way you can conveniently store all of your commitments, lists and recipes in one, very tidy place. 

3. Organize the interiors. If the inside of your cupboards are neat and well organized, you will be more likely to pack your goods away and less likely to leave odds and ends out on the countertops. blu_line kitchens are equipped with state of the art cabinet interiors, making organization and maintenance a breeze.

4. Streamline your appliances. In the past, appliances have taken up a lot of space in the kitchen. These days, we can often find a smaller appliance that performs multiple functions and can easily be stored inside an appliance cupboard - out of the way but easy to grasp. 

5. Remember that less is always more. blu_line kitchens are carefully planned out to optimize functionality. Think through how you want your kitchen to flow before adding extra appliances and decor - are you helping or hindering the flow by adding more to your space. 

6. Lastly, remember that this, like any other room in the house, is a space to be lived in and enjoyed. An organized space does not need to be off limits to the rest of the family. Rather, because it is well organized, life can happen within this space. blu_line prides itself on designing kitchens that function relationally, with all family members taken into account.