the trend of metal in the kitchen

You’ve most likely laid eyes on an industrial kitchen before, stainless steel from top to bottom, little to no character and a very cold, sterile ambiance. For years the use of metal in decor was perceived as cold or hard, and for good reason too. Today however, we see that when used correctly, metal can bring an elegant sense of charm to the kitchen, an unrefined warmth and even a hint of sophistication. Metal, in various forms is making its way out of commercial kitchens and into the comfort of our homes. From wall cladding to cabinetry, metals are bringing a whole new contemporary feel to the modern spaces we design. These days, we’re a little spoilt for choice.

modern kitchens

Accents bring personality to a kitchen and hot rolled steel does so in a bold and beautiful way. No two pieces of hot rolled steel are alike and it’s these unique imperfections that make it completely suitable for that modern rustic feel in the home. The unpolished and slightly dramatic effect of hot rolled steel exhibits a tremendous amount of character in the kitchen and because of it’s inconsistencies, this material breaks away from the sterile feel that metal can so often present and rather brings glorious traces of warmth to the space it is situated in. 

modern kitchens

Aluminum for home use is often treated and therefore altered to best suit it’s surroundings. In a blu_line kitchen aluminum is often used as an accent material where it has been anodised to enhance the colour. We also make us of aluminum as an accent detail in making our cabinet doors handleless. Our specially imported etched aluminum is treated and used as wall cladding as well as door frontage bringing a wonderful element of character to our kitchens. 

We have been making use of stainless steel in kitchens for centuries, more for practical reasons than aesthetic ones, but this elegant metal really is suitable for so much more than just the kitchen sink. Stainless steel is known for it’s durability and cleanliness, it is also well presented in modern appliances. What we don't often see is the element of sophistication and elegance that stainless steel can bring to a space. When treated, paired and placed correctly, this beautiful metal can both soften and brighten a room all at once. 

Rose golds, coppers and brass have made a massive comeback in kitchen accessories and decor over the last two years and it’s a trend we are loving. It’s a great way to incorporate a subtle but striking bit of colour in the kitchen without making too much of a fuss and a wonderful way to personalize your space. 

modern kitchens

As one can see, aesthetics are a big draw card when it comes to using metal in the kitchen but the benefits don't stop there. Metals are extremely durable, easy to maintain and highly sustainable for the planet. All in all, we think that metals are a wonderful addition to any part of the home.