kitchen trends that inspire

What makes a kitchen trendy? In a nutshell, it’s a modern look uniquely paired with customized touches that add character, charm, and most importantly, supreme functionality to the most popular space in your home. blu_line prides itself on bringing all this and more to each kitchen designed, manufactured and installed by our team. 

We love the natural elements that are currently trending in kitchens. We see these coming through in expressive stone worktops and backsplashes as well as in bold natural woods. Both of these bring an authentic and earthy atmosphere to the kitchen. With the many variations available, these materials give us a great opportunity to fully customize the space according to our clients preference. 

Layers and levels are the makers of interest in any space. It’s been exciting to see and explore how much of this we can incorporate in the kitchen which was otherwise a very simple and tedious space. blu_line brings various textures, heights and materials into our designs which causes the space to ooze with personality and again gives our clients the opportunity to completely customize their kitchen according to their likes and dislikes.

Recently, we have seen both metals and glass making their way back into the trendy bracket as well. Not only as accents but as main features in the kitchen as well. We often make use of materials such as hot rolled steel, mirrors and glass in our kitchens.

For a couple of years now we have seen sitting areas moving closer and closer to the kitchen -even becoming a part of it, and there is no sign of this trend fading any time soon. Here we capitalize on both utility and comfort, bringing an element of living right into a space that was solely used for food prep in the past. Given the space, it’s the perfect appendage to the kitchen and ultimately to the home. 

As a company we are constantly traveling abroad in an effort to discover and experience what is out there as well as to make sure we are on the fore front and bringing our clients not only the best but also the most current materials and designs.