kitchen surfaces

Choosing kitchen surfaces is possibly one of the most exciting tasks when it comes to drafting your kitchen space. The beautiful thing about modern kitchen architecture is that we now get to combine various levels and textures when it comes to surface materials, bringing a wonderful sense of character to the kitchen and thus allowing the client to truly discover their story as they select materials that resonate with their own style and personality. 

Modern Kitchens

Quartz countertops are still used as the base material in most blu_line kitchens. We are spoilt for choice these days as this product is available in a vast variety of colours which can bring a subtle and sophisticated sense of warmth or a dramatic and modern feel to our designs. The innate strength and durability of quartz combined with the beautiful colour schemes that are available, make this surface both extremely functional and visually appealing in any space. 

Flamed Granite is used as an accent counter or as wall cladding in our kitchens. This gorgeous material is the same granite we all know but, rather than being polished, it has been exposed to extremely high temperatures, causing the individual grains in the stone to burst and then change colour. The result is a slightly rough texture of stone, but with a more natural appearance. Generally, the colors of flamed granite are muted or graded, giving it an earthy but elegant feel and bringing a hint of rustic texture to a modern kitchen.

modern kitchens

Concrete is making its mark in design and architecture at the moment as we see it paired impressively with various other materials in all shapes and forms. When done so correctly, concrete brings a rustic but modish feel to the world of design. Cast concrete countertops are no exception, the density of a concrete accent counter alone makes a impressive point in a modern kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, concrete is surprisingly warm in a modern space, it is incredibly durable and again brings a personal touch to our client's design.  

modern kitchens

At blu_line we often speak about bringing character to our kitchens and when used fittingly, with the entirety of the design taken into account, accent surfaces are what bring the space to life. It is through these that our clients are really able to explore their design ideas and ultimately to discover their story.