functionality at the core

For years blu_line has prided itself on the tagline, functionality comes standard. But, what does that actually mean?

We realised early on in our business endeavour that a good product should not only be aesthetically pleasing to our clients, but that the functionality of that product should exceed expectations as well. 

For this reason, the design process of a blu_line kitchen is not just about the materials, colours and finishes. We are taking things to a new level, we are getting down to the details of each client and every job. It all comes down to this, what does your home need in order to function favourably? 

Every blu_line kitchen is designed with specific work zones as well as family movement in mind. This means that while one family member is cooking dinner, other’s can freely move around the kitchen space, performing their own tasks without causing chaos. blu_line kitchens are planned according to the following zones:

the cooking zone focuses on storage for cutlery, utensils and knives as well as pots and lid storage. all spices and cooking oils are also catered for in this zone.

the preparation zone will provide for secondary cutlery, utensil and knife storage, to ensure a calm workflow. a bin unit and vegetable baskets are also included here.

the consumable zone houses the fridge and freezer, catering for cold storage, as well as grocery storage through various pull-outs, combined with custom shelving.

the non-consumable zone caters for glassware, plasticware and crockery storage. pull-outs as well as customised shelving solutions are used to achieve this.

our zone planning along with blu_line’s superior cabinet internals ensure that the kitchen space remains a calm and organised area, a space where your cooking experience is enhanced and not hindered. A space where families and friends gather, where meals are shared and conversations are made. Ultimately, a space that forms an integral part of functionality in your home.