form follows function

A kitchen is no longer just a kitchen. When you take the time to carefully consider how much of our life happens in this space, you will realize that the modern kitchen must be designed with much more than just meal preparation in mind. It must be made to live in, to work in, to gather in.

With all of this happening in one confined space, life in and around the kitchen doesn’t always feel as organized as one would like. This is where blu_line has stepped up, from the beginning our designs have incorporated so much more than just cabinetry. A blu_line kitchen is made to function on a whole new level. 

Every blu_line design is carefully thought out and planned according to each family’s needs. When we design and build a custom kitchen, it is not only about the colours and materials you choose, though these are obviously hugely important. It is also about how you will use your space and how your family moves around the space. What can we do that will ultimately enhance the way your use your kitchen. What will make life in your kitchen that much better. 

Because of our designated zones and superior cabinet interiors, each item in the kitchen now has a designated space. Pots, pans and lids are easy to grasp and exactly where they should be, cutlery drawers are uncluttered, those pesky tupperware lids now have a space all to themselves and appliances are no longer misruling the counter tops. As you can imagine, this leaves the kitchen completely uncluttered and beautifully orchestrated. 

Zone planning plays a dual role, not only does it promote order in the way we pack our kitchen but in the way we move about as well. blu_line zones enable multiple functions to take place in the kitchen without hindering that of another. This means that family members are free to move around the kitchen, performing their own tasks at their own pace without getting in the way of others. 

With the amount of thought that goes into each and every design, blu_line kitchens are made to tell a story, your story.