community in the kitchen

The kitchen. The heart of the home. The place where meetings are held and families are gathered, where days are discussed and plans are made, where friends mingle and laughter is shared. As meals are prepared, it is a place where both creativity reigns and the mundane tasks of everyday pan out. 

Taking all of this into account, one can see why we are so enthusiastic when given the opportunity to design this space for our clients. With complete customization at our fingertips, creating a space that best serves each individual client has become our passion.

In an era where lives are fast-paced and family time is something to fight for, we strive to make it that much easier for families to prepare and enjoy meals together. blu_line kitchens are designed to promote relational interaction within the space we create. This is achieved by incorporating zone planning into each authentic blu_line design. 

By bringing various and specific zones into the kitchen we create the opportunity for all functional tasks to take place without hindering the work of another. Essentially, we want multiple tasks to take place without having a ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ scenario. We want the kids to be coloring at the kitchen counter while dinner is being prepared, but at the same time, cooking is not disrupted. A relational design means that life carries on and is even a part of our cooking experience whether it is directly related to the meal we are making or not.

Cooking is no longer an isolated event in the home, rather it is an illustration of who we are and what we’re about. It’s a picture of our preferences and backgrounds, it is our story. The power of sharing a meal and building community is astounding, and it can all happen inside your very own kitchen.