appliances play on kitchen design

It’s difficult to comprehend a time where kitchen appliances did not exist. As kitchens have evolved so our appliances have as well. Today, we see consumers spending a substantial amount of their total kitchen cost on appliances. And rightly so, appliances are an integral part of the kitchen, not only because of functionality, but in the way that they compliment or clutter your kitchen as well. 

Technology in the home is advancing faster than we can imagine and the kitchen is no exception. The appliances we work with today combine elegance and flair with flawless performance, making them far more than just a kitchen tool.  Stove top cooking now ranges from ceramic glass tops, gas and induction cooking to integrated steamers, roasters and fryers. We are seeing professional appliances now fitting seamlessly into our everyday kitchens. The ovens we install in a modern day kitchen are sleek and polished, adding character to the kitchen rather than standing out like a sore thumb. The use of stainless steel and glass is on the rise while impertinent handles have fallen away, completely eliminating the busyness that past appliances retained. We have recently seen top manufacturers successfully combine microwave, grill and convectional ovens into a single and very smart appliance, decluttering the space and in turn bringing a clean and effective rendition to modern kitchens. 

Refrigeration has taken the same route with the majority of our clients choosing integrated units, this means that refrigeration is now completely hidden. As with most things modern, less is more and integrated refrigeration is just another way that we can declutter a space, bring a timeless element to the kitchen and completely customise our client’s space. 

It’s an exciting time for the kitchen industry as we see technology and the advances they are making begin to strongly influence the way we design our kitchens. Where modern day technology and design merge, we see the functionality and comfort of our kitchens go to a whole new level.