5 kitchen decisions you’ll never regret

Whether you’re renovating your existing kitchen or designing it from scratch, there are a couple of key elements that will ensure both longevity and optimum functionality in your space. Here are a couple of key elements to take into consideration when redesigning your kitchen.

work surfaces

When it comes to counter tops you really want to choose something that is long living, stain resistant, hygienic and unmistakably beautiful. There are some incredible stone products on the market that tick all of these boxes and more. Maximise your counter space by planning correctly, using clever storage solutions and getting rid of any unnecessary appliances that are taking up space. Where possible, a dramatic blu_line island can increase counter space exponentially while bringing a wonderful sense of character to your new kitchen. blu_line also focus on different levels in the kitchen which adds interest to the overall space.


Your counter tops  can no longer double up as the magnificent clutter collectors that they have been in the past. Plan your kitchen units carefully taking everyday tasks into consideration as well as the demands of your family and how your kitchen should compliment that. blu_line applies zone planning to every kitchen ensuring that functionality comes standard, as having well thought out storage will enhance both the aesthetics and utilisation of your kitchen for the duration of it’s lifespan.                     


Appliances are changing rapidly and with today’s advanced technology our appliances quickly seem to become outdated. Choosing appliances that are streamlined and neutral will give them a longer aesthetic lifespan than something that is very colourful or ‘out there’. Integrated appliances will increase the aesthetic lifespan of your kitchen exponentially as they will always be a part of what your kitchen is. Put careful thought into how you want to use your appliances and what you want to get out of them, think about cleaning and upkeep, convenience and durability. Consider the pros and cons of gas vs induction and look into multipurpose appliances to minimise the element of clutter. 

neutral colours

There is a vast difference between neutral and dull. Rather than dull, we find that earthy tones, wood and stone, along with the rich patina of various metals, all combine to set a harmonious mood in the home, bringing both character and warmth to the space. Neutral colours soften a space while making it a appear larger and brighter. We rarely find ourselves tiring of natural hues and they will usually compliment any style when used along with the vast array of blu_line customised accent colours when and where desired. 


As with any room, lighting plays a salient role in the kitchen, even more so now that our kitchens are a central part of the home. Because of this, we often need kitchen lighting to cover dual purposes. Our brighter lighting is required for food prep and our softer, dimmer lighting creates a friendly, more intimate ambiance. Dual lighting options be achieved by simply making use of a dimmer switch or by making use of various lighting levels. Downlights,  under-cabinet strip lighting and pendant lights make for many lighting variables that can easily be adapted to suit your own needs. Using various forms of lighting is not only functional but brings a wonderful element of personality to the kitchen as well.